Why is my school district not in the drop down?

All of Florida’s public school districts can participate in the Student Portal, however, they have to provide certain information to FLDOE SSO first. School districts missing from the drop down mean they haven’t provided this information yet.

What is my Local ID?

A Local ID is the identification number used by the school district to uniquely identify a student. It can be up to 10 digits long. It’s usually found on official school documents such as a report card.

It keeps saying there are no matches on the information provided, but I know it is right. What should I do?

The Student Portal needs the information entered to match official school records. For Option 1, be sure to use your official first name, last name, and date of birth found on school records. Also, if you attend more than one school and received this error, try using the other school name. If you still cannot create your account, please contact your school technical administrator.

Why do I need this account?

This account is needed to access important password-protected tools included in the FLDOE SSO Portal at school or at home.